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First Update:
Louisiana: Demonstration Project for NRCS - Shark Island
    Letter from local businessman and avid fisherman in Louisiana who appreciates LSS protecting the shorelines as well as creating essential fish habitat.

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Project Greenshores Reef and Coastal Restoration Project.
    This project received national recognition and the prestigeous Presidential Award for protecting
     the waters of the continental U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico.

Charlotte Marine Research Team: Letter of Endorsement for use of Artifical Reef, Inc., Fish Haven Reef System for Reef Restoration and Development Projects
   Design proved to be an Essential Fish Haven (EFH; design and durability delivered exceptional environmental 
     benefits and complex syxtems reflect strong marine diversity and enhance the production of reef fishes.

City of Destin: Letter of Recommentation; Essential Fish Habitat 
    Design and deployment of very complex satellite reef system in Okalossa Large Area Permit Site "C", 
    making site very productive
    Provided a service and product that gave the most value for our grant dollars.
    Professionally perfomed deployment and reef monitoring service.
    Profesionally produced videotapes of progress and development of new reef eco-systems.
    Impressed with amount of biomass in such a short period of time.

United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service
Bay Environment Study Team West Bay Sea Grass Pilot Project

    100% success for all transplanted sea grass.
    Units designed very effectively to do an outstanding job of attenuating wave energy.
    Heavy winds and wave action have given the units the chance to prove attenuating wave energy.

Fish Haven Reefs at 10 months
    Photographs showing progress of Fish Haven Reefs after only 10 months.

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP): Wave Attenuation Devices (WADs) withstand Hurricane Ivan's Wrath
    Hurricane Ivan: Catastrophic catagory 4 hurricane with winds in excess of 220 km/hr and storm surge of over 15 meters.
    Successful in protecting newly established coastal area and protecting the transplanted sea grasses.
    Extremely effective in providing a productive, durable marine-life habitat.
    Far out-performed any other product investigated.
    Proven, without a doubt, the world's leader in coastal protection/restoration and marine life protection.

Varazo & Associates: Environmental Consulting coast Engineering
    Proving extremely effective in halting severe erosion.
    Zero erosion occurred following placement and no "settling in" period.
    Dissipates energy and effectively oxygenates water.
    Marine biomass development in shorter time when compared to limestone initially used.

United States Naval Academy
    Executive Summary: Hydrodynamic Study of Coastal Haven Breakwaters

St. Andrew B.E.S.T.
    WAD product qualifies as an effective alternative in abating shoreline/bankline erosion.
    Because of rapid and significant sediment accumulation, the WADs are effective at reducing wave energy.

WAD® (Wave Attenuation Device) is a Registered Trademark of Coastal Restoration Inc.,
for which Living Shoreline Solutions, Inc., has exclusive worldwide licensing rights.

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