(Our Team) gives unanimous support of approval for the WADs to be used throughout the entire project. Thanks for resolving the erosion issues for PGS and meeting all our deadlines. It allowed us to bring home one of the ONLY two prestigious Presidential Awards for protecting waters the Continental US and Gulf of Mexico.
The WAD system, has far exceeded my expectations. It is also a very cost-effective option. This system is not off-the-shelf, but site-specfic, modeled and engineered for the (location) conditions. This system works dramatically. It has protected our properties by preventing further erosion and preventing foundation uindemining. It has increased the Villas’ value through the reclamation of land lost from the original title, and through the stabilization and expansion of the world famous Negril beach fronting the property.
With WADs, both shoreline protection and high sediment accretion rates are provided, in one simple package. They can then be easily repositioned further offshore for continued accretion or down the shoreline as an even more cost effective method of rebuilding additional beachfront. Further, these WADs can often support large amounts of marine biomass and act as a marine life habitat, further contributing to the recreational appeal and tourism aspects of our beaches and snorkeling barrier reefs.
The Fish Haven/Coastal Haven series modules are methodically designed to promote and accelerate rapid marine growth on all hard substrate surfaces, both inside and outside the structure and specifically engineered to act as wave attenuation devices to protect the world’s coastlines. The hydrodynamic engineered shape of the units and designed openings promote a “designed flow of micronutrient rich water” across all surfaces. Combined with the engineered light access, this leads to unsurpassed biomass development and reef productivity.
This is the only known product that is environmentally sensitive with similar characteristics of a natural barrier reef, attracts a full array of local marine species and promote marine growth on all surfaces of the reef, provides engineered openings to promote designed flow of micronutrient rich water across all surfaces and increase light access to promote the rapid growth of marine life. The design of the reef system provides substantial cover and spawning habitat, contain the geometric and physical material properties similar to a breakwater in order to withstand wave heights and currents associated with a local 20-year storm events, as well as provide a structurally useful minimum 25 year life.
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