Where to start?

Our process is TURN-KEY, starting with a site visit and survey to determine the feasibility of designing a site-specific system, custom solution, tailored to your needs.

We Base Site Design on Your Goals, For Example:

  • On Shore Sand Dune Restoration
  • Near Shore, On Shore Infrastructure Protection For roadways, bridges, critical transportation infrastructure.
  • Productive Oyster Habitat
  • Sea Grass & Mangrove Restoration
  • Essential Fish Habitat (EFH)
  • Natural Shoreline Restoration

The Process


Comprehensive Data Analysis

We have an assortment of scientific studies that we can deploy based on your needs; Hydrographic Survey, Coral Surveys, Current conditions, Geotechnical analysis, Wind-Wave analysis, Seasonal analysis

CMS Wave Model

The Coastal Modeling System (CMS) is an integrated 2D modeling system for simulating waves, current, water level, sediment transport, and morphology change at coastal shorelines. We specifically target wave attenuation and develop a solution based on your priorities and budget.

At Permit Award

We provide steel custom-built WAD® forms that we manufacture & certify, then ship to a local manufacturing yard that we also certify, where local labor and materials can be used to produce your WAD® arrays.

Local Assets

We promote the local economy. We contract with qualified local businesses that can provide overland & overwater transportation, and deployment assets to place WAD®s in your, site-specific, WAD® arrays.

WAD® Form Buildout

Supporting your local businesses.

WAD® Transport

Supporting your local businesses.

Final Deployment

Supporting your local businesses.

Another Successful Deployment

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